My HOPE after 30 days jail of the Unionists.

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This is neither an endorsement for the doctors nor for the government.

My final hope for beloved country Kenya.This is my homeland,najivunia kuwa Mkenya .

By sunshine by rain I still hope for better home.Despite everything being paralyzed right now,from universities to hospital,tools down.Demanding for implementation of collective bargaining agreements (CBA) agreed sometimes back.Anyway, I never attended any of the meetings so I might not understand the contents fully.

My hope after the 29 days,as from tonight,is that there will be no more going to India for specialized treatment or No more governor going to South Africa for elastoplast,let previous incident be the last one.Though, I heard that the governor who went abroad for specialized treatment of teargas canister injury , his county doctors are not in strike.But ironically, no elastoplast 

My hope is that the law shall,since it should but…,cut across and both sides.Not only right fighters but also those corrupt fellows. I expect more prisoners, the corruption cartels as from NYS to Health ministry.

My last hope is that all diseases be mild for the next 29 days,if at all we must be ill.Homa tu,for our body defense can tackle them.

Meanwhile to Kwale county residents and fellow Kenyans, Senator Boy Juma Boy gone too soon.RIP

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What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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