Governor Rasanga, respect presidency

Politics is politics.
Respect is free. Patriotism is not begged for, bwana governor.

“We only need to hang our portraits as governors
and that of Raila in our offices. We don’t need the
other one,” he said, adding that only courageous
people can do what he had done in Siaya.

This is being unpatriotic.Total unpatriotism of highest order.
Well, if your words represent stand of opposition,CORD,then  vaying for presidency sounds akward.
Go ahead and remove all potraits of retired presidents on our currency and replace with that of Hon.Raila.If what you uttered you think is right.
Leave us alone.
Respect for presidency is what we as patriotic Kenyans not mere sycophants of your sort stand for.
If you really fight for democracy, remember to fight for respect to motherland also. I wonder when will you respect Kenya.
By the way, we know political survival ways and tactics of every Kenyan politician.They go to podium and show that he is couragous enough by talking ill of their opponents especially in their presence. Do you remember hii pesa si ya mamako incident? Others go and snatch their opponents microphone.This is common.Whereas others go dancing towards podium to have that attention of the crowd.Good for them to have that attention of voter.But to you, Rasanga, that is not political survival,it is actually tearing Kenya.
So you do unpatriotic opposition? I guess. Unfortunate.
Let me remind you that presidency, national anthem, national flag and national languages are symbols of unity in Kenya.So joking with them is joking with Kenya.

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