Late Chelele,this Binti Osama

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Painful death of murder, that took her life untimely.A loss to the society.A loss to everyone.A loss to me. A loss to KAMUA.A loss to Bomet county.
Lively talent of teachings through music that she taught on every aspect of life.She could sing beyond tribe.Her songs were hits among the Kalenjin community.Through her volumes of tracks, you learn one or two in your life.She had “manhood” in her songs,powerful and courageous words.She,Diana Chemutai aka Chelele, did perfectly love songs through love world of beats & moods and convincingly more on some gospel tracks.She is remembered by her advice to churches to warn young generation.The late saved some souls through her gospel tracks.On family matters she brought some truth and facts concerning the same. She sang as a mother.A mother to twins. Pioneer of  south African beats way of singing,musiki bila waya.Salute for this.Actually she was full of courage.She tackled life problems well through her powerful songs.Creativity of highest level in this field of music is lost.

Tears in my heart.

Then this 10min 54sec alleged recorded audio that emerged after her cold blood murder, it really disturbs…It is real PAIN.


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