To you all,merry christmas but remember to do this.

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Let us all merry.It is our day.My request is that let this be unique this round through the following ways.This is not ideal world,im talking of real world.So if you cannot do all,do atleast one.
Visit the sick and give them hope of future.Wish them quick recovery note.It is this way, on this day, take some hours in the hospital by saying hi to them and spending time together.Laugh with them.Do not laugh at them!
Reconcile with your neighbour. Neighbour in this context is anybody in association of you.That workmate, that classmate ,that  next door neighbour, that person next to you in plot.Share together once again.Laugh together once again.
Post and share peace,love,unity and humility in your social media accounts.Let your hundreds of hundreds of your facebook, twitter ,instagram,whatsapp group read that message of love,the love of Christ.Just tell them Jesus love you all.Period.
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Give to the needy.Let the poor also enjoy.Those clothes that no longer fit you,donate to the half naked.Do not burn them.Parents, let the orphans also feel that love of mother and father.Surprise them.
Show humility. Let that servant be master on this day.Let him or her sit and relax just the way you always do.After all, it is a day or hours only.

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What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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