Message to students of various courses.

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Career is all about passion and attitude.Negative attitude will part you from enjoying your career as well as your future.Let that career be inspired by your ardor and enthuniasims within you.Please go through these simple messages.
Journalist,do and learn journalism to perfection of your best.Let that journalism drive you.That mass media be always in your mind.But if you are journalist and you do not have social media account;you are lost journalist.Ask me why.Remember that in every three hours a day,we turn to you journalists for update.
Microbiologist and biochemists,have those hard terms and names of microorganism in your finger tips.Understand every behaviour of any microorganism.Master all processes very clearly.Do not cram.Cramming those processes and terms is like diving into a deep swimming pool when you only know how to swim in a shallow one.I know you know the consequences of that.Our well being, as long as we live will depend on you people,of course after God care.
Teachers, take this career whole heartedly because you are the pillars of the society.It is you who are the turning point of our children.Though this is most challenging career in Kenya, it is also the most important one.So weigh properly.Remember the consequences of the just one month teachers strike; a clear indication of your importance.
Lawyers, let those chapters and articles be your daily thoughts.Master them and transform legal information into public knowledge.It is you all;law students, who we will depend on for our rights in near future.It is through you that the penniless will get his or her right.No one else will interpret  for us such chapters, articles, sub-articles,sections and subsections;therefore without you we might be hostages of our rights.
Economists, interpret those graphs for the better of us all.Predict and analyse activities that lead us to comfortable economy.Understand every currency value and compare for us properly.You can drive Kenya into economy stable state only if you implement you great economic thoughts.It is you economist who will ensure that we enjoy our sweats lest we will be working harder but enjoying very less.
Information technologists, move with technology’s pace.As technology expand,understand how this happens.Kenya,oh sorry not Kenya alone; world we are heading to is technology based.Its you information technology experts will save us from being mistreated by the technology.In future somebody can be denied easily to answer that natural call if one is not technogically-updated.Its you people to update us.
End of my simple and clear message.
Hope my message is delivered successfully.

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