These two words that soon will be meaningless to our leaders;hate speech and corruption.

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These two different but common words are soon going to be meaningless to most leaders since they will not agree on their meanings.Each has his or her meaning.Hon Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South MP, has his different meaning of hate speech from what George Aladwa thinks.While i may define hate speech as incitement to cause violence, hatred or bad will, a politician may incite different political groups and argue that he or she is misinterpreted or utterances altered with and edited for malicious reasons.See,these leaders talk hatred yet they are free.Prosecutions are made  but still people walk freely.While others dare publicly that they have money to defend themselves.Or others are do not recognize this constitution? No.
Then this term corruption. To me, it is not being accountable of puplic funds; for this context.CORD’s meaning is different from Jubilee’s.Very wrong.Politics should not come here,i really hate politics while dealing with corruption and hate speech.Anne Mumbi Waiguru may or may not know or understand this simple meaning.It does not means everybody is against you.It simply means to be accountable.
They squander public funds,yet still walking free.
Corruption has been declared,by his excellence president, national security threat.Actually it is.This thing has threated us economically yet it is meaningless to some of our leaders.We common wananchi declared it long time ago when some high-profile personalities decline to step aside for investigation.Months ago some cabinet secretaries were forced to resign,corruptions claims.Then what happened? DPP knows.List of shame,what happened to it?You see how we define differently corruption?
At any time,leader should be good example of what should be done.
The office of director of puplic prosecution,is just but barking toothless dog.You just bark;order for prosecution only.Nothing else.
While supporting his excellence in fight against all these, let us define them correctly.If we keep on having different meanings of corruption and hate speech, then we are cheating ourselves that we are committed to end this vice.


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