Welcome POPE Francis;Revive church foundation of Kenya.

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Pope Francis coming to Kenya,maiden visit, is at best timing when things are not on right way here Kenya.We must welcome you with both hands hoping that your diplomatic influence will revive the foundation of Kenya’s churches since it has taken royal food and accepted names given by the king.Churches foundation has lost.Yes,welcome the Bishop of Rome and the leader of worldwide catholic church.
Apart from these expectations,among others, use of contraceptives and abortion we still expect also a revive on Kenyan catholic churches foundation.These two issues has also caused misunderstanding among many believers.So its our hope that,this worldwide  catholic leader will shade light on these issues.
Of lately, one wonders the position of Kenyan churches as far as their attention is concerned.All vices are now happening, government in government  out and society in their awareness.The worst in Jubilee government.Corruption?It is really tearing Kenya.Kenyans have been divided by this giant,corruption.Churches are seriously quiet. Some Kenyans do not know what is the direction to take because of confusion.Churches,please do not let this continue.May be they have been given royal food to silence them.We see their quotes only.They do not face the government with church face,most respected attention and voice.
Churches are still busy silence.They cannot dare talk bravely about the same.Papacy office is known for its defense of human rights.
Churches,just to remind you is that you have attention in any government and society.Let this papal visit be another turning point of you,churches.If you continue to keep silence, you are giving room to corrupt minds in the government.Remember that you have that moral authority to question any action taken by government or anybody.Kenyans have been divided by some vices in the government.
Looking forward to your maiden. For me this visit is not for Catholic
faithfuls but it’s for all Kenyans of all
walks of life. Muslims and Christians
alike visit,Pope of Hope.


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