Oh Donald Trump and Mugabe were right to say Kenyans are thieves,leaders for this context

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This is bitter allegations levelled against us ;you and me, more than 40m Kenyans yet it is some few greedy individuals.Outside attacks to our beloved nation are,of course bad.But attacks by truth are bitter but no otherwise:take the way they are.This hopeful Republican presidential candidate,Donald Trump said something.Another day,the Zimbabwe president,most educated and long serving president,said something also.
how our hardworking teachers behave after hide and seek game of court rulings
Corruption scandal after scandal.

corrupt kenya

This has been most top stories in our local dailies, now international.
Look, fourty million Kenyans alleged to be corrupt.Thats is the picture of us,any Kenyan, internationally.Why now? should we? no im not corrupt, sure.What about our leaders? Most of them are tarnishing our good profile.Misleaders.Unfortunately or fortunately no one seems to hear the alarms and cries of innocent taxpayers about the same.Indeed,some people are joyriding us. Okey imagine this scenario. A common mwananchi is busy bargaining price of basic needs to be reduced in order to buy more for survival, while these misleaders are doing their procurrement by doubling the prices so that they can take or pocket more.Got it?Thats the essence now in corrupt Kenya.Nothing but prayer.
Let me comfort myself in that these corrupt leaders will not last before eyes of the most high.Kenya will still last.I love Kenya.You leaders,..
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