Kenyan education under threat!

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It is now clear and without any doubt that Kenyan education is under threat.I know that my message may not land on the concern stakeholders’ ears or attention but anyway let me write it to relief pressure within me.Most of our secondary and primary schools mottos and visions are being blurrred by this current education crisis.
Confirmed KCSE exams leakage.I wonder how this happen if not only through KNEC officials who compromise their credibility for money.This is because leakage cannot happen through diffusion.This therefore means that KNEC is losing its credibility.Why deploy security personel to man leaked questions??Okey, as like always government behaviour, it does not seem to accept defeat even after the highest court in the land rule against them.So, the ministry still insist that exam has not leaked whereas some media houses proves the claims to be true.What kind of evidence do you want prof?I think these exams should be cancelled,my suggestion.What of the innocent hardworking?
See also what the KNEC officials had to say about leakage
Some parents buy these exams for their kids, while others are aware that their kids do have smartphones at school.Then, this education is really endangered.Teachers also do the same and ware of the same.The fate of KCPE still lies on the same same officials of this KNEC.May God protect us.
We have seen and heard of school kids being involved in shameful acts.Cases after  case of hundreds of students found drunk in different parts of Kenya.Eldoret.Kisumu.Nairobi.High school students found with bhang;illegal weed in Kenya. Such as been a pattern.Predictable one unlike elnino issue.May God forbid these death at the foundation of life,primary and secondary education.
See this motto

education for a bright future

.I do doubt that,this, and among others are not going to be true if this continues.
Fake promises in the education sector.Neither laptops nor tablet has been delivered.Promise is debt.Where are the promised goodies for this education sector?Examination fees only?But KNEC exams are being leaked.
What about ,higher education loans with  its bigger problems.Most of the bright students who are beneficiaries,of the peanut funds, do get their loans months after opening of the academic session.Others are forced to deffer their session just because they receive funds very late.
Again, most universities have been closed indefinately due to, mostly and among others, campus elections.Also, somes courses are considered fake after several years of enrollement and graduations.How can KUCCPS enroll students to join an unaccredited course? A big threat to future.Bitter.
Fees being raised anyhowly.What happened at TUM?Okey,Technical university of Mombasa.Quite unfortunate. Who cares for the new millenium?Haha.Teachers?NO.Parents?NO.Ministry of education?NO.Government?NO
To be short and clear,Kenyan education sector has been experiencing alot of problems but the concerned one seems hawajali {they dont care}.

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