Distressing and troublesomeness of campus elections

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Campus elections? I mean the election of students governing council or any other name they may refer.More than four incidents have been seen and heard concerning the same.Most of them have resulted in closure of the institution indefinitely.Distressful.
Some months ago, Rongo university college students were victims of this.Students sufferred alot of threats.Community sufferred.Academic calender had to be adjusted.

Few weeks ago, JARAMOGI ODINGA university of science and technology, university students were other victims.Campus election, troublesome.It is now closed indefinately.
Almost the same week finance office of Maseno university was set ablaze.Reason, suspect on students’ union election and results of shortlisted candidates as others being barred and other issues.Death(s) as a result.Losing life, is another worrying issue here.A worry to parents and guardians on their expectations.A threat to investment therefore.
Much painful for independent institution to be closed just because of campus election.Okey.Learning could not continue as students could be *unmanageable due to high tension and chaotic campaigns.
When students are served with vacate notice within 30 minutes as late as five in the evening means alot.Many other institutions have experienced this problem.I remember while i was once a student, my worst experience was chaotic and tribalistic campaigns.
KUCCPS was meant to make sure that any admission represent whole Kenya.All tribes.Actually it did their role satisfactorily enough.
Where and when did this mess begun?Posing a great danger to this nation especially as we heal from the 2007 post-election violence.There is rot coming from our universities.Election violence.University aspirant(s) not willing to concede defeat,a bad picture to Kenya.
Universities being independent institutions does not figuratively means that such rot can be just let to rise.
It is just this week that IDPs are being resettled after the post-election of 2007.It is actually unseen danger.
There is a lot to  mould  these young energetic minds before they are turned to tribalistic minds through campus election and more so, bring glory of higher level of education.
This is indeed a wrong picture to this healing nation.
Could comrades be always right?
Maybe,maybe not.Then question is where is discipline of university students ?

onesmusyegon yule gentle


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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