Things undergraduate must do after 4th year graduation, number five is bitter one.

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Graduation is always happy moments for all.


To job seekers,digital job seeking

For undergraduates, it is the happiest moment ready to “face” the world with that first degree.Of course it should.Yes to “face” the world.The following are things and activities an undergraduate must  do; number five is a bitter shock to many undergraduates.
1.You must fit to your and our society. No matter what, society is waiting for you.Could it be ushago or not. You cannot run from it.This therefore means you have to be socially fit lest you will be rejected.Society cannot consider you as their product when you are a criminal or doing what society term as bad.A big misfortune.Your ways of doing things, seeing things and of course relating to the people will determine your fitness.
2.Be an entrepreneurer. You must have that source of income.Apart from that family income.In order to have it,being an entrepreneur is the best and the better option.Bear in mind that you will be at least twenty two years of age,most of your needs and requirements will be personal,therefore you must have that income in order to be independent.Being HELB beneficiary is another issue though many may not see this as a big problem.Im sincerely telling you that after graduation you do not have to sit.Try all ways of getting something in your pocket yourself before being in the list of payroll, God willing.
3. Updated. Yes after graduation you must be always updated.Being updated is not a guarantee of your career.Get every update.Politically.Economically.Career updates.In short do not be passed by news and events.
4.Learning should be aluta continua issue.Learning will never cease.Remember that the future of Kenya requires those who are ready in that you should know what is required of you,your career.Have you ever see these phrases in job advertisements, say CPA K is an added advantage or you must be registered with recognized proffesional body.In other words,you must be learned.Please check profiles various prominent Kenyans.People do have many qualifications.These qualifications come out of learning.
5.Be volunteer of your career.My friend,experience is part of life.I mean, you must have experience to be in Kenyan market.Yes before looking for job, volunteer first.Okey.Have you ever seen any job advert in our local dailies without a clearly stated job experience? I guess not.
NBDegree or any other certification is not such matter,what matters is output.
Undergraduate, got the message?

onesmusyegon yule gentle


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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