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Really what is wrong with our young teens?Reader, sorry for asking you this question because you may not correctly answer me.Yes im concerned.Lets count….1,2,3,4……200,201,202….400,401,402


How does this number rings in your mind?Can’t you imagine that there is something wrong somewhere?Parents,teachers(sorry for mention).That number of students caught in Sam’s Discotheque at night really worries me.As much as you people blame police for *sleeping_on_work, something must have gone wrong with parents’ and teachers’ role.These ages of teen ,yes thirteen, fourteen way to eighteen are still in need of the parental care .I blame you parents and teachers for this shock!.
It was just during closure of schools when another shameful incident occurred surrounding our school boys and girls.Teachers you have been with these teens at school.Discipline?Precautions?Guidance?This is opening, another shock;now the number has multiplied.My dear parents should we look things go the way it is doing?No.Show your concern on your boys and girls.As much as you are working or busy else where,have time with them.Much worry is that the shock was at weekend.God forbid any other timeNow,when is your time with these kids?Could these kids be emulating what some of you do during weekends?I don’t know.
Any Kenyan with goodwill and future oriented mind must have asked the same bitter questions.Well.I rest my concern here.Actually nothing is well at all.Vision 2030 is around or it has change to 3020?Our concern.
Let us not look at them as they perish.Period.
1. Check also this, how parents have failed on this issue
2. Another case in Kisumu involving school boys and girls.Check its really shocking

onesmusyegon yule gentle


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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