My message to Jubilee government and KNUT.

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We have been following your battle from one court decision to another court for appeal with much expectations.None seems to get satisfied.
Would you mind taking this?
1.Your battle has no benefit to ‘hostaged’ students and pupils.
A class one pupil do not know the meaning of strike neither government.Please uphold their innocence.Bear in your mind these kids.
Failure by any of candidate will first blame both of you.God forbid failure.Much time is wasted,much lost and less gained or im i wrong? No you know this.
2.Let this be an issue of parliament.
Parliament can be last option.I don’t say here mps salaries be cut by 50%, what can be done for long lasting solution for teacher’s strike? can be their motion.Not seeing anyone as the main cause.
Judicial authority is to simply show to parties involved which is best way to go.Mark my words,you both argue correctly.So, this court to court for best suit decision will not help.
Much have been said by NGOs,different personalities and fellow Kenyans.
Please Jubilee administrators and KNUT officials stop reminding each other; at meetings; to obey court order.You are aware that non is above the rule of land,the constitution.So reminding each other is a game of none importance to us.
Now that is my simple message to you.

onesmusyegon yule gentle


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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