#ng’_ang’_a this man pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a

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Na NENO litaendelea…Take these quotes
“Those who are talking ill of me, I assure them
that they will die before their time. Some of them
are young children who are not married yet. They
will never get married. Some have not yet given
birth, and they won’t,”
“It is anybody’s guess why it is only Ng’ang’a
who is being placed in the papers. Yesterday, 30
people died in Kisumu. It was not even written in
the papers. Ng’ang’a has been put there all those
days. Vehicles kill lots of people out there … but
it is only Ng’ang’a they are seeing,”
About the accident that claim Ms Njeri’s life,I think it is simple.A car cannot just move without driver, but to this circumstance implication is that there was no driver.Did accident occurred in space?But i heard of photographs taken.Did someone said that they talkrd with the pastor at the scene?This man of God has publicly said that he never said the above quotes.Who is fooling who now?Anyway i cannot answer that.
According to him, there is media tarnishing his name.
This is not the beginning
His estranged wife has accused


him as adulterous and abusive.
Jailed earlier on in 2007?
Fought with guard?
Prophet of doom? no i cannot judge this.
Flock can be easily misled just because of what is happening nowdays around churches.
People killing each other for church leadership-Vihiga
A whole pastor admitting to have slept with girls.
Use of potasium permangate to claim miracles.
Pastors battling in court with their wives.

onesmusyegon yule gentle


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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