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When Mr president told the world that we have other #serious_issues to deal with got it right.Yes so far some of the high school students have shown that there are #serious_issues in the education sector to be dealt with.

Several instances

  1. A boys’ school going to a girl’s school to have sex
  2. Students having sex on public vehicle service bus
  3. Several strikes because of mock exams.
  4. Unfortunate fire at Stephjoy secondary
  5. School girls sneaking out for a week
  6. Students found with bhang
  7. T.S.C v teachers at court

For real, we must do something on this.Parents you have a great role in this menace that have just come in to our secondary level of learning.Discipline in most of school is wanting.Deputy principals must do something also.I remember some years when you here that depa is around, you will not dare to mess up.How courageous those boys that they could have packets of condoms seriously going on a mission to a girls’ school?What about those having sex on public service vehicle?Bhang Then school girls sneaking for a whole week? isn’t a serious issue??Mocks making students to riot.It sounds funny but it is a serious issue.

On the other hand teachers are busy battling in the court.The president, you were very right that we have #serious_issues and #problems.


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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