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#‎SomeoneTellCNN‬ This is what our hot beds look like. ‪#‎Wasini‬ These are the views we are accustomed to
We are still waiting from an apology from @CNN on #SomeoneTellCNN
#QUOTE: if @CNN is civilized enough they should apologize #SomeoneTellCNN
NKAISSERY: I applaud Kenyans for standing patriotic in response to CNN’s report. ‪#‎KOT‬ #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN we now know your true meaning ‪#‎ChannelOfNonStopNonsense‬
MISINFORMED! Six times that CNN has goofed while reporting about Africa
May be they get information from the terrorists other than the Kenyan People. #SomeoneTellCNN
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JUST IN: #KOT is going to the @CNN account and reporting it as posting spam! Don’t miss out! #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN that maybe its time to STOP enjoying the comfort of opinion…. without the discomfort of thought..
#SomeoneTellCNN Did you mean Hot Tea? Beautiful Kericho tea plantations
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#SomeoneTellCNN …. Everything they say is an opinion, not a fact. Everything they see is a perspective, not the truth..
#SomeoneTellCNN that journalism is supposed to be honest, unbiased and unprejudiced
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#SomeonetellCNN look at all that terror!! via…/6241…/photo/
Dear @CNN Shame on you … for reckless, irresponsible and inaccurate journalism #SomeoneTellCNN
Harambeee is our motto #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN Obama is safe in his Homeland +254 a hotbed of Generosity tradition and Rich Culture
#SomeonetellCNN that I am a Kenyan child and i sooo love my country
#SomeoneTellCNN Unless you are the one bringing the terror, we are a hotbed of investment & great people.
Dear CNN, You are accountable to a wide global audience & sensentional/irresponsible headlines will be called out. #KOT
Dear CNN, It would be prudent to note that we are not a backward banana republic but a highly informed & analytical nation. #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN that they have no idea who #KOT are hahahah

#SomeoneTellCNN that its’s truly unacceptable and juvenile of them to negatively brand Kenya the way they have done. Sick!
#SomeoneTellCNN that we don’t entertain mediocrity
Been following on #SomeoneTellCNN This has to be the best read ever ‘Foreigners’ will never tell the African story !
#SomeoneTellCNN I’m a Nigerian and I support my fellow African.
These guys once told us Nairobi is in Nigeria..I think they are just ignorant or sick.. #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN that people like their journalists are the reason we have middle fingers.
As an international broadcaster practice responsible and accurate journalism! Nobody has time for sensationalism #SomeoneTellCNN
#SomeoneTellCNN our kids go to school here in Africa without getting shot by their classmates



What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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