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Politicians are diehards of party despite any challenge facing our beloved nation while leaders are patriotic,Kenya first.Take these quotes:

I laugh when Ruto says atanilima 2017, kwani mimi ni shamba? Next election will not be a children’s playground.#QuoteOfPolitician
I hope the President will this time around match
his words with action.#QuoteOfLeader
“Jubilee raping the country the same way it
is raping our women” -politician
You journalists, tell Raila Odinga to stop his
stupidity…if they want to sue me I am ready
and I have money to defend myself,” said
“And I keep telling you that the foreskin is
not good becasue it makes the brain not to
think,” the politician went on.

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What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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