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1.Many schools are still charging some fees
Most of the schools cannot afford maintainace cost,security and other
non staff payments.So this is burden of parent who was promised free
primary education.
2.Classrooms are congested e.g 100 pupils in one classroom.Enrollement
rose when the free primary education was implemented,thus the existing infrastructure
became limited.
3.Teachers have reduced assignments given to pupils due to large number.
This is because the number of pupils rose but teacher pupil ratio is wanting.If
earlier the number of assignments were ten question then it must be reduced .
4.Retired teachers struggle to be paid pensions.
Getting pension is a tedious process for these civil servants.It take years yet it is termed as
free education.
5.Most pupils walk barefooted,hungry to school.
This is an indication of thirst for education by these young ones
whose parents had nothing to pay before introduction of this.


This is just
but the “free education”  lack implementation force and support for
other considerations like suitability to all equally.
6.Every academic year there is fight between KNUT and TSC.
This has been like normal.At every end term you hear of looming
teachers strike,affecting mostly candidates
7.Teachers verses commuities fight
Teachers are seen as failing pupils when results are out,parents demanding
transfers of headteachers.
8.Understaff schools.
Almost each school is understaffed.You find a teacher taking almost all subject
in one class just because there “is no otherwise”
®Needless to say, most young ones of our politicians do not
step in these free primary schools.



What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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