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Corruption is a human social aberration that
exists from antiquity like prostitution. When we
discuss seriously about what must be done to
stop or hinder it we need to understand why it is
such an old institution.Got it? it has been there
since but now we feel because of devolution.
In one part it is built in human psyche as a
survival trait – I shall talk about it later. In the
other part it goes on due to lack of public
awareness, inefficient governance, lack of
education, poverty, unjustified aspiration etc. It is
practically meaningless to talk about stopping it
in societies where there is no or low regard for
basic honesty in our country.
In a personal level, following some simple rules like
never jumping a queue, (even if it is unmanned), never abusing a
system meant for people. I think it
encourages others.
But in the part where a human aberration is
concerned, corruption can only be fought by
seeking and ensuring complete transparency in
every aspect of life.
Transparency is one way to prevent
Corruption grows best at dark and shady places
and where the ‘power of decision’ is concentrated
in just a view individuals.
By eliminating the growing conditions for
corruption, it will therefore decline accordingly.
Transparency towards the public, ‘power of
decision’ towards the public, the majority of the
people. This would be a good start to fight
corruption and ‘direct democracy’ a good choice
to get it going.
MTU WA WATU SYNDROME is another pillar of corruption.
Thats why most people cannot be prosecuted yet found
guilty.Allies,by all means frustrate process of the law taking
its course. The bad
outnumbers the good. The world is decaying and
is destined to become worst just because of this syndrome.
One persian poet and scholar Sheikh Saadi said
Countries are strengthen by laws
knowledge is strenghten by debate
and morals of childern by strict training
we need strict anti corruption/accountability laws,
knowledge, education and awareness and moral
training plus handsome salaries.
Let’s threathen the dignity of culprits by revealing
their malpractices in national media. To me,corruption should be considered as two
dimensional: High level corruption done at a
higher level of the country, by people in charge
( Govt…) and corruption done by the common
citizen ( policeman, teacher, nurse…), all these
fellow who are being given meagre fare to survive
and who engage in this activity for the sake of
survival. I strongly believe that corruption should
be rooted out first from the higher level; minimal
wages adjstustment will follow after redirecting all
the flow of corruption from official, so that lower
class could benefit from it. Punishment
will be non other than public humiliation, under a
well advertised communication.


What is your say on this?/Unaonaje hii?

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